Welcome to AES Systems Corp.

How well are your computers working? How consistently? Are you still running Windows XP? Do you understand the risks of doing so? Is your software up to date? Should it be? Should you move some or all of your needs to “The Cloud”, as Internet-based services are often called? Is your network secure? Will your backups work when you need them to? Do you know? Or are you starting a business? Are you using personal Yahoo! or Gmail mailboxes from your laptops, QuickBooks on one of them, and constantly E-mailing documents among yourselves? Do you need a more professional operation within your company’s budget, but with room to grow when your business does?

The Big Boys have Information Technology (IT) departments, but smaller businesses often do not. Selecting a computer-savvy staff member, possibly the owner or manager or a friend of the owner, as the designated IT staff works better for some organizations than for others.

AES Systems Corp. is devoted to meeting the IT and other technology needs of small business. Whether getting and keeping a company’s technology in shape, updating aging technology, or setting up new technology, we focus on the business problems to be solved by technology. We take care of your local network, your computers, your E-mail, your web site, your Internet connection(s), your printers, etc., while you concentrate on taking care of what you’re in business for.

In short, we make it all work.