Unified support

You have a mix of hardware, software, and services from many vendors. How many times have you heard Vendor A tell you it's Vendor B's fault? We have tools that allow us to manage the entire system as a whole.


We usually see a mix of good, working but with problems, and long past their sell-by date among a business' computers. We can get out of shape systems into shape and plan retirements and replacements. Anti-virus and other software needs to be kept up to date, and certain technical tweaks can prolong the life of a not-new computer. Our computers keep an eye on yours, helping keep them in shape, reporting problems as they happen, and even better, in many cases warning of an impending problem before it happens.


How is your Internet connection? Responsive enough? Up when you need it up? Do you have access from home or your favorite bagel or coffee shop? How about hackers looking for a dishonest buck? Do you have a wireless network? If so, can guests on your wireless network, particularly the uninvited, get to what they shouldn't be able to get to?


Telephony is moving from the more than century-old technology we now call landlines to a mix of cellular and over the Internet, called VoIP for Voice over IP (IP being the language of the raw bytes on the Internet). VoIP is mature and here now, and we can't predict when, but some day landlines will go the way of VHS tapes.

AT&T has asked to be relieved of the requirement for what they call "old style landlines" throughout the entire state. Even if your neighborhood continues to have landlines, how well do they work? What do they cost? For long distance? Do you have a mysterious box that nobody knows anything about connecting your phones and your landlines?

How would you like to switch to service that requires nothing but VoIP-capable phones and an Internet connection, for less than you're paying for landline service?


Gone are the days when teenagers without girlfriends working in their bedrooms wrote viruses for the sheer joy of vandalism. There is money to be made by evil software. Remember Target coughed up millions of credit cards to criminals in 2013? Criminals got credit cards, the Chief Information and Executive Officers lost their jobs, and Target lost $10 million or so.

Last year in a "ransomware" attack a major Los Angeles hospital wound up with valuable patient records scrambled and paid $17,000 or so to get those records unscrambled. They were lucky to get that data back after they paid. How would you like to pay a lower amount, untraceable, to recover your own data, and hope the bad guys give it back to you?

It takes more than traditional anti-virus software. Nothing is invincible, but we can raise your security from a "Keep Out" sign to a moat full of alligators.


If your business email is still to an AOL, Yahoo!, or Gmail address, it's time to look professional. If you're running your own mail server, it's a lot of work and no longer cost-effective. We can get you professional-looking email service to your own .com or other business address, preferably the same as your web site, at a cost too low to resist.

Your web site

All businesses need a web presence with their own .com or other business address, preferably the same as their email. That can range from a small brochure site like this one to a large site where you can buy and sell, take appointments, curate a blog, and develop a community of users. If you don't have a site that's making you money, we need to talk.

The bottom line

There are a lot of technical components needed to run a modern business. We can get and keep them all working together, efficiently, while you concentrate on what you're in business for.